Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting Life Back Together Post-Birth

The thing that surprised me most about this pregnancy was the pain. I've never had such strong, constant joint and muscle pain in any of my other pregnancies. (The pain finally made sense once Baby was born. Big baby+little mom=ouch.) In addition to making it hard to write, the pain also made the house go from clean to barely functional. It just hurt me too much to move, and Hubs could only do so much when he got home from work. Now, post-baby, I'm trying to get the house back to working order. Out of eleven rooms in the house, I got 2 at a satisfactory level today. Another six are moderately cluttered and three are unmitigated disasters. I'm hoping if I eek out just an hour a day, I can get the rest of the rooms in some kind of decent shape.

What really matters: Today I wrote 1201 words and reached 70.7% of the way through this draft. (This sounds good, but I think by the time I finish, the point at which I currently am will actually be about 30% into the novel. I have got a lot more words to write and even more to excise. I'm trying not to think about this.)