Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I "took a break," which was so stupid. Well-intentioned people who love me very much told me that I was working myself too hard, that I was always exhausted and had a headache, that I needed sleep, and that taking one day off wouldn't stop me from writing. They were right about three of the four. And it's not even their fault because I knew that if I took a day off from writing because I was having a hard time--especially since I was having a hard time--I wouldn't go back. But I took a break anyway. And I didn't.

But I've returned, and this time I shall not give myself any leeway. I'm not going to quit and even though the last couple nights have really, really sucked it up. (WANT! Every scene needs to have something the character WANTS. There should be an entire creative writing class devoted to driving that into writers' heads. YOUR CHARACTERS MUST WANT. ALL THE TIME, IN DIFFERENT WAYS, AND WITH DIFFERENT INTENSITIES. THEY MUST WANT!)


All that aside, I'm back in the saddle and building up my stamina again. This time, though, instead of just pushing myself to write more words, I'm also going to prep myself to write more words. I'm going to outline and have scene descriptions so that I know where to go when I'm writing. Honestly, if I know where to go, I can pretty much write anything.

I wrote 500 words Monday and 654 words tonight.

Yes sir. Up and at 'em.

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