Saturday, November 12, 2011

Showering Brilliance

Mwa ha! This is why I don't give up on stories even when they limp along agonizingly for weeks or even months. Because I know that one day while I'm in the shower rubbing Olay foaming cleanser onto my face, all the pieces that I've been trying to tether down will jump into place. The problems will become solutions. The plot holes will become plot twists. The characters will become real.

Today was that day. My hair is wet, my face is soft, my mind is zooming. It's a good day to keep on writing.


  1. I use Olay foaming cleanser, too! :) And, really, everyone should have a computer in the shower, just so we can immediately get to work when inspiration strikes. ;)

    Yay for brilliance!

  2. My challenge is remembering it by the time I get out of the shower! I'm so happy for you.