Friday, June 15, 2012

I Want to Quit

Today is a day when I really want to quit writing, but I won't because after ten years of trying, I know it won't do any good.


  1. LOL--my sympathies.

    Also... do you really NEED word verification on your blog comments? :)

  2. Do I HAVE word verification on my blog? I hate word verification on blogs MORE THAN ANYTHING. I just, you know, haven't bothered to do more than a basic setup on this thing. (I think we've already established my blogging issues.)

  3. Mwa ha! Good bye word verification!

  4. I'm not here to console you. Who wants that? I'll just say this, I know how you feel. And often.

    -- david j.

  5. I just found your site (from Robin Weeks query crit-I was her willing Guinea pig). This post, it really got me-I SO know what you mean!

    Writing isn't just a choice, it's a need, and although I can ignore it for short periods of time, I always have to come back to it.