Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Was Right! Outlining IS Getting Easier

I seriously wanted to call it a day tonight, but I could not. I didn't want to report that I'd been a quitter tonight.

I outlined 3.5 scenes during my writing hour tonight. I could have finished the final scene, but I wanted to stop while I still knew where I was going. Outlining is getting easier. I hope it's not getting easier because I'm doing a subpar job at it. I hope it's getting easier because I'm starting to understand it better. I'm even managing to work in a romantic subplot, which is impressive because I'm not crazy about them.

I'm going to need more than an hour a night if I want to get anywhere with this whole crazy writing pipe-dream. I have the time--it's not easy, but I can squeeze it out--but I don't have the stamina. By the end of they day, I'm totally wiped. I'd like to say that writing recharges me, and in a way it does recharge me for living and being a full, well-rounded person with lots to offer her job and her family, but it doesn't recharge me for more writing. By the end of an hour, I'm exhausted. I'm hoping that my stamina increases.

Today I was: a writer.


  1. I obviously found your blog through Robin's. :) Nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks! It's nice to see you!