Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marshall Plan Step 3: Character Sheets

Worked from 8:36 to 9:50. Completed steps one and two of the Marshall Plan and started on step three, character sheets. Have written 4 of 12? character sheets. I'm having fun. I find myself learning more about my characters and falling more in love with each of them. If this were my first time writing a novel, I'd start getting excited and thinking that the vividness of each character is a sign that this novel is going to flow from me effortlessly and end up being a masterpiece. Because I've written two novels before, though, I know that this is just the easy honeymoon phase where I get to create characters and back-story. Once I start plotting and actually writing, I'll be hating books and writing and myself for ever thinking I could write. Oh well. The important thing is to not think about that and focus on what I'm accomplishing now.

Today I was: A writer

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