Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm just not a very good blogger. Sure, I have lots of opinions and experiences, but who doesn't? I'm not sure mine are worth writing about.

We just installed air conditioning. It's a ridiculous extravagance, but it keeps the house cool, and it smells good.

I like to try things, particularly things about which people make big claims, mostly because I'm curious and I want to see what they're like and if they really work.

I've tried:

  • Selling Mary Kay. It was a disaster. It totally does not sell itself.
  • Both natural and medicated childbirth. Natural all the way. It's way more painful, but delivery and recovery are super fast. My last kid was seventeen minutes from the hospital door to baby's arrival. Plus, I'm more in control. Speed and being in control are important to me.
  • Those things that promise free gift cards for trying certain products. Awesome. I had to read up on them a lot to catch all the gotchas and rules, but once I got them, I made a few thousand bucks from the programs. (But don't go rushing out and try them now. They've closed all the loopholes that allowed the programs to be profitable.)
  • Square foot gardening. Loved it. The soil was super expensive, though, and lasagna gardening did not keep my quack grass from taking over said super-expensive soil.
  • That thing at Lagoon where you strap yourself in a ball and get thrown a bajillion feet in the air. Awesome, but not awesome enough to be worth the price of admission or the risk of leaving my mommyless.
  • Weight Watchers. Worked for me but not for my breastfeeding baby. The doctor said 1500 calories was plenty for both of us, but it was not.
I really want to try:
  • That pedicure where tiny fish eat your dead skin.
  • That herb that makes everything taste super sweet.
And now I want to try this Mary Kay makes-your-face-magic serum. It's taken me several years (like seven?) to get over the horror that was my stint in Mary Kay enough to admit that they might actually have some decent products. My mom was raving about this stuff she tried, so I looked it up on It actually has pretty good reviews. And believe me, if you've been wearing skin in Idaho for thirty years, you pay attention to the possibility that something will fix damaged skin. Problem is--55 bucks for a month's supply? Um. . . no. However, I have a friend (or two. Because I'm popular like that.) who will sell it to me at cost. I might just try it. Then I'll have something else to post about.

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  1. My MIL uses Mary Kay, but both times I went to a MK party I broke out in a rash. :( So, yeah. No.

    Really liked natural childbirth, though. I got to do it for 1.5 of my 3 kids. :)