Friday, June 24, 2011

Morning Writing

Baby Girl Doll woke me up at four this morning. I fed her until about 4:45, at which point I told her that it was time we both admitted that she wasn't actually getting any milk and put her back in bed. I really wanted to go back to bed myself, but as I was drifting off to sleep I had a quick self-meeting and decided to be a go-getter. Sleep is for the weak! I hauled myself out of bed, ate a peach, and began slamming away on the keyboard. I worked from 5:06 to 6:07 and wrote 2066 words.

Morning writing is a dilemma for me because I don't feel that I'm at my best in the morning, but I love knowing that I've finished the most important and most challenging task for the day before anyone else has even gotten up. My days seem to go so much more smoothly when I start them with a thousand words. I hope that if I keep doing it, I'll start feeling like I'm able to bring my A game every morning.

I want to build up my stamina. It would be awesome if I could go for a whole two hours and get four thousand words, but after an hour, my fingers start fumbling the keys. Right now, for instance, I'm having to type really slowly or go back and fix almost every word. I wonder if that's fatigue or what.

I'm also wondering if my character is annoying. She's a really rich, three-dimensional character (at least in my head), but at the beginning of the book she has a couple fairly nasty encounters with something of which she has a serious phobia, and I'm wondering if she's going to come across as weak and/or irritating because she's spending so much time screeching and/or needing help. We'll see. I've got a couple of other conflicts in which she conducts herself with some measure of strength. We'll see if they're enough to balance out the girly hysteria of the other scenes.

6:15 AM and not a soul awake. What to do? What to do?

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